Music Centre Aims


  • A music centre primarily for young people, but with support from adult players.

  • Providing progression from a school band to an adult band.

  • High quality learning in a fun environment.

  • Not for profit.



Musical Aims


  • Introduction to a wide variety of musical styles.

  • Developing ensemble skills.

  • Perform music that is both challenging and entertaining.


Environment Aims​​


  • Provide a means by which musicians of differing levels and abilities can have fun and enjoy playing music together.

  • To enjoy ourselves.

  • Inclusive, safe and supportive.


Performance Aims​​


  • Provide a wide selection of opportunities to perform in public locally.

  • Represent the town and the local community.

People Aims


  • Encourage everybody involved in Christchurch Music Centre to develop themselves and their musical abilities.

  • Where appropriate, provide access to musical tuition and instruments.

  • Encourage a sense of belonging to the wider musical community.